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Discover revolutionary medical pen for non-invasive and pain-free glucose and other biomarkers monitoring.

Life of millions diabetics, people with insuline resistance or hormonal disorders is going to change for better.

84% of patients with diabetes want to use non-invasive glucose monitoring

Almost 60 % of diabetics skip glucose measurements due to finger pricks.

Finger prick testing is a painful and frustrating process, especially for children or the elderly people suffering from peripheral circulatory diseases.

IQ Biozoom enhances a management of personal health painlessly.

How it works?

1. Bring the strip in contact with saliva.

2. The measurement result appears in the display. The device sends the measurement result via Bluetooth to the app in real-time.

3. You may analyze the results and compare historic glucose levels.

Why IQ Biozoom?

Life quality improvement

Our groundbreaking technology enables the non-invasive, pain-free saliva-based glucose monitoring that replaces finger-prick testing for people with diabetes.
We are developing the salivary glucose biosensing technology to improve the quality of life of over 422 million people living with diabetes worldwide.

Technology of thin-film transistors

The IQ Biozoom technology is 10 times more sensitive than state-of-the-art blood glucose tests. Our salivary-based glucose biosensing technology was invented by the IQ Biozoom team in Poland. The core scientific innovation lies in the use of thin-film transistors embedded with the enzymes that to initiate an electrochemical reaction that transforms the biochemical reactions into an electrical signal proportional to the glucose concentration. 

Real-time diagnostics

With our Biosensing Platform, we introduce life-changing medical innovations. IQ Biozoom will develop and launch painless, real-time diagnostic tests which can be used by patients and medical professionals at point-of-care. Our first step is a technology for non-invasive glucose monitoring.

The IQ Biozoom technology will make the diagnostic procedure, analysis time and cost significantly simpler, shorten, and reduced.

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IQ Biozoom among the 10 finalists of the EIT Health InnoStars Awards!
EIT Health, one of the largest and most important international organisations in Europe, focuses on the education, acceleration and implementation of innovative solutions in the field of healthcare.
Hello Tommorrow Deep Tech Pioneers
Selected as Hello Tomorrow Deep Tech Pioneers 2022: one of the 700 most promising startups worldwide, recognised as ``being leaders unlocking the power of deep tech to solve the world's toughest challenges``.
Winner of MIT Enterprise Forum’s CEE Acceleration Program and DemoDay – Grand Prize finalist and MIT Bootcamp participant.

IQ Biozoom introduces life-changing medical innovations with biosensing platform. We develop non-invasive, pain-free saliva-based glucose tests and many more.

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