How it works?

Our technology

1. Bring the strip in contact with saliva.

Our technology

2. The measurement result appears in the display. The device sends the measurement result via bluetooth to your mobile device in real-time.

Our technology

3. You may analyze the results and compare historic glucose levels.

What is the future of IQ Biozoom technology?

The IQ Biozoom technology has been scientifically proven to the detection of glucose in saliva. But this is only the beginning.

We are constantly developing the technology to emerge the biosensing platform. Our next step will enable the detection of different biomarkers in such areas as:



Tumor markers

Beta 2-Transferrin


C-Reactive Proteins

Our technology
Devices based on IQ Biozoom technology open new era of real-time diagnostics at point-of-care.

IQ Biozoom introduces life-changing medical innovations with biosensing platform. We develop non-invasive, pain-free saliva-based glucose tests and many more.

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